Our Services

As one of the most reputed names in the category of professional housekeeping and cleaning services in Mumbai, we at Company Name, take it as our responsibility to walk the extra mile when it comes to serving our customers. We specialize in providing a range of services when it comes to cleaning commercial as well as residential premises. From daily office cleaning to specific services like hard floor maintenance, carpet cleaning and a host of other interesting options, we offer end to end cleaning solutions for different set-ups.

How do we do it?

Our motto is simple and we focus on cleaning the premise. However, before we get on with the job, we ensure that the clients’ requirements and preferences are clearly understood. Accordingly, we work out a detailed cleaning strategy that helps us do the job more efficiently. Also, when we take-up a cleaning project, we do a thorough risk management to minimize the chances of any error while using our tools and techniques. Even the belongings of the customers are treated with equal importance ensuring that none of it is damaged especially when we are doing the cleaning work. We carefully pack everything or remove it from the site and accordingly do the cleaning. This increases the safety of your belongings and also enables us to do our job in a better way.

Here is a brief preview of the different services offered by us:

Daily office cleaning

Instead of the regular maid, shift to our daily office cleaning services. As a result of the tools and techniques that we are using, we guarantee a more professional job without a tremendous rise in the fees. Also, unlike the maids, we are more committed and don’t take sudden holidays hampering the work of our client.
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Industry cleaning

Our professional cleaning services also include industry cleaning, an option ideal for big industries and commercial set-ups where the need for professionalism is extremely crucial. In addition to the tool and techniques, we take extra care to follow the required safety measures when it comes to industry cleaning projects.
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Window and Façade cleaning

In addition to the residential buildings, even commercial set-ups can avail these services on a regular basis to ensure that the external look of their premise remains spic and span casting a good impression on the onlookers. We also provide specialized window cleaning services for homes and offices on a regular basis.
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Swimming Pool Cleaning

For those who have a swimming pool or other water bodies in commercial or residential premise, our swimming pool cleaning services are extremely useful. Our experts clean the pool, sanitize it and make it fit for daily usage. Ideally, we would recommend you to opt for contract bound services that will help in getting the job done on regular intervals.
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Garden Maintenance Services

From trimming the green landscapes to getting rid of all the unwanted weeds, our garden maintenance services cover a wide range of options. Both, commercial as well as residential premises can avail the benefits of these services and add a tint of glamour to the overall aesthetic appearance of their premise with beautiful gardens.
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Washroom Cleaning Services

Sanitizing washrooms is important especially when the number of users is high else this area could become a breeding ground for several types of illnesses. With our Washroom cleaning services, you can get a professional job done on regular intervals and that too at an affordable price. Amazing, isn’t it?
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Hard Floor maintenance

Unlike the regular flooring options, hard flooring requires a far more organized approach as well as efficient cleaning services. At, Company Name, we understand the technicalities involved with maintenance of different types of floor cleaning and also specialize in hard floor maintenance services for homes and offices across the city.
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Post construction cleaning

Construction jobs are messy, aren’t they? You may have built a beautiful premise but if all the construction mess is lying outside, no one is going to notice the beauty. With our post construction cleaning service, we can help you get rid of all this mess in an efficient manner.
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